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The Craft of Controlling Sound
A Walk in the Acoustic, Analog, and Digital Worlds
            by Stephen Solum, Ph.D.

                is an indispensable college textbook.

The book is designed to be the painless but thorough theoretical anchor for
foundational classes in sound and music technology, audio recording, and electro-
acoustic music.  It is priced so as to allow the concurrent use of other reference
materials for specific curricular needs.

he book assumes reasonable conceptual maturity on the part of the student, but no
prior knowledge of the field, and is appropriate for levels from technical school to
university. Vocabulary is built from scratch over the course of the book along with the
concepts. On the other hand, it’s an easy read for those with prior experience, and
allows them to fill gaps in their knowledge while bringing practical skills to theory.

The book is general in its approach and will not become obsolete, which allows an
instructor great flexibility:

• Specify it as the hard copy text, allowing liberal use of the Internet, equipment
manuals, and other sources—which can be updated constantly.

• Use it as an inexpensive adjunct to larger texts that provide much updated
information with specific examples, but lack a linear path to learning for all students.

• Rely on the book to take care of the global, theoretical portion of the curriculum so
the instructor can concentrate on methods and procedures specific to the equipment at

This book was used successfully in draft form for two years prior to publication.

Be sure to peruse the excerpts from a number of chapters.
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Chapter 4
The Analog
"What it is..."

Chapter 7
The Analog
"Mixed Signals"

Chapter 11
The Digital
"What it is..."

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