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The Craft of Controlling Sound
  A walk in the Acoustic, Analog, and Digital Worlds
by Stephen Solum, Ph.D.

   is for you if you’ve been working with hi-tech music and sound for years.

You are a very skilled, experienced pro in some area of the music and sound industry. There is no
substitute for the hands-on skills you’ve developed over the years and that notion is expressed often
in the book.  However, there may be a few gaps in your understanding, off to the side of (or even
underneath!) your everyday work.   Some concepts, terms, and skills that seem elementary, but that
have eluded you.  When they come up, you brush them under the rug and hope your practical skills
will pull you through.

This book is not  an advanced look at newest trends in technology.

This book is  an easy read for the experienced digital or analog music maker, but one that will fill in
the gaps, and bring everything into one context. It will allow you to fit your own expertise into the big
picture and transfer your own training to other devices and software.  It may also take that vague,
uneasy mystery out of some procedures you do everyday.  

All students—no matter what their expertise—are required to take the first-level sound course from
which this book was created. Time and time again those with the most prior experience say,
 “I didn’t even know what I didn’t know”.

The Craft of Controlling Sound carries a suggested retail price of $25.95, but  is
   plus shipping and handling (as low as $2.56).
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