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The Craft of Controlling Sound
 A Walk in the Acoustic, Analog, and Digital Worlds
             by Stephen Solum, Ph.D

                   is for music teachers and musicians who need to understand what
music technology is all about.

In this modern world it’s become very difficult to create, play or teach music without close
encounters with new technology.  For some, that is a delicious notion—for others an intimidating
dread.  Either way, the future has become the present:  digital workstations, MIDI keyboards,
computer-aided instruction, recording and other promising activities that have become relatively
cheap in dollars.  Unfortunately, they can also feature expensive learning curves or stressful
rides on the thin ice of step-by-step procedures that give no hint as to what is really going on.

  This painless but thorough book explores what is really going on.

This book is not for the occasional dabbler who found a digital keyboard on clearance and would
just like to make a few sounds.

This book is for music teachers with conventional training who are using sound technology in the
classroom, and want to understand how it can help them do their job.

This book is for musicians—hobbyists and professionals—who see the promise of sound
technology all around them, who are beginning to work in it, but need to make sense of the
information coming at them in magazines, manuals, and the Internet.  

This book is for anyone who is truly curious about how sound can be controlled.

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