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A New Textbook
Audio and
Music Technology
A Walk in the Acoustic,
Analog, and Digital Worlds
ISBN:  1-4116-2713-X
Library of Congress
Control Number 2005924521

9" X 6" paperback
228 pages
SRP: $25.95   Direct from distributor:  $19.95
This single book is:

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A path to the new technology
      for musicians and teachers.    
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The best way for a pro to
      fill in knowledge gaps.             
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Chapter 1
One Small Book...
     preview exerpt 1 (lo-res)
Chapter 2
The Behavior of Waves
     preview ALL of chapter 2 (lo-res)
Chapter 3
The Acoustic World
Chapter 4
The Analog World: What It Is
and How to Get There
Chapter 5
The Analog World:
The Signal path
Chapter 6
The Analog World:
Some Practical Applications
Chapter 7
The  Analog World:
Mixed Signals
Chapter 8
The Analog World:
Chapter 9
The Concept of Amplitude
Chapter 10
Measuring Amplitude
Chapter 11
The Digital World: What It Is
and Why We Go There
Chapter 12
The Digital World: The Digital
Game in the Electric Shell
Chapter 13
The Digital World: Hierarchies
Chapter 14
The Digital World: Digital Audio
     preview excerpt 14 (lo-res)
Chapter 15
The Big Roundup
Chapter 16
Toward Making Sound Art
This authoritative but readable (and affordable) book lays a
firm foundation under the ever-developing arena of music,
sound, and technology. Its unique approach provides keys
and concepts that form the essence of the entire field.

This short book is neither a listing of all the latest products
available, nor a step-by-step guide to building a home
studio. Rather, it furnishes the knowledge and context
necessary to make use of those product listings, reviews,
and practical guides.  It distills the flood of information
available to students, teachers, and musicians into durable
underlying principles for working in the sound arts.  

Sound is controlled in one of three domains: the Acoustic
World, The Analog World, and the Digital World. Each has
its own strengths, limitations, and methods of navigation.
This book will provide the keys to the architecture of each
World and the means to move among the three—before
integrating everything into a useful approach for further
work.  It arrives with an easy but elegant writing style,
balancing accessibility with respect for the intelligence of
the reader.

This is not ‘Sound Technology for Idiots’. This is an
effective, painless learning tool for intelligent people who
don’t know enough about audio, recording, and other
music technology topics, and would like to know more.

Stephen Solum brings 1000 professional musical
performances, a Ph.D. in electro-acoustic music, a
successful stint as a commercial recording studio builder
and owner, 11 years full-time college teaching experience
in the field, and an engaging writing style to this new
approach to learning the craft of controlling sound.
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sure to read chapter 1, which summarizes the purpose and
design, while giving a look a the writing style.
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ISBN:  1-4116-2713-X
Library of Congress
Control number:  2005924521
Paperback,  9” x 6”
228 pages

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